I am Mashhood Safar. I got my Master degree in philosophy at Islamic Azad University in Tehran. My primary interests lie in philosophy of language, particularly context-dependency and linguistic communication, and in metaphysics, particularly meta-ontology. 

In my thesis, to address the former interest, under the supervision of Professor Seyed N. Mousavian, I focused on indexicals as a paradigm set of context-dependent expressions. I considered an interesting puzzle in indexicals: “The Answering Machine Puzzle,” which addresses how the utterance of “I am not here now” in the answering machine is held true.

I am currently working on pragmatics of ontological utterances in metaphysics. I am trying to apply Gricean pragmatics to the debate of ontological commitments. I argue that we should turn our focus to the utterance of ontological sentences— sentences about what there is— to ferret out the implicit commitments lied in the ontological utterances. 

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Areas of Interest

Metaphysics (Meta-ontology and Ontology)

Philosophy of Language (Context-Dependency and Communication)

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